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The Japan Times On Sunday
Compact. Expansive.

Japan痴 only English-language tabloid Sunday newspaper features everything you need to know about your world around you in a compact 24-page format. Offering a wide range of news from a global perspective, The Japan Times On Sunday provides in-depth analysis on the essential elements behind the top issues of the week alongside concise snapshots of breaking international/domestic news, business and sports stories as they come to hand. Complete your weekend with us, On Sunday.

News / Business / Sports

With original reporting coupled with carefully selected stories from Japan and around the globe, we provide news, business and sports articles with insight and depth, as well as a two-page weekly roundup of prominent international and domestic stories/images that have captured the world痴 attention.


On Sunday痴 Timeout section features a team of specialist writers who deliver in-depth interviews with key personalities in addition to comprehensive feature stories on topics that truly matter.


On Sunday offers critical analysis of the week痴 most important international/domestic issues by a discerning team of regular columnists, as well as opinion snapshots of what the rest of the world thinks of current global events.


We present a broad range of domestic/international destinations and activities that allow you to escape the drudgery of day-to-day life. Discover something new with us, On Sunday.


On Sunday offers readers light-hearted insights into the world around us, introducing a selection of brand new interactive sections such as 20 Questions, Overheard, The Buzz and more. A range of puzzles, mind games and crosswords will also be available to test reader of all ages.

The Japan Times On Sunday
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